Your Community-Owned Natural Market

Let’s start at the beginning! The Skagit Valley Food Co-op started as a cooperative natural food store in 1973, and we’ve been connecting people to good food ever since. So what does it mean to be a Co-op? It means we’re a not-for-profit business owned by friends, farmers, and shoppers like you. We have over 23,000 member-owner households. AND. We do things a little differently. We operate on a specific set of principles that go beyond the bottom line. We measure ourselves against what’s been called the triple bottom line: financial, social, and environmental performance. In other words, the Co-op is here to take care of our workers, our community, and the planet. And every time you shop at the Co-op, you’re doing that, too.

Skagit Valley Food Co-op History


For over 50 years, the Co-op has been providing good, healthy food to the community. Join us for a trip down the Magic Skagit to see where we’ve been, and where we’re headed next.